Reasons We Are Dedicated To Our Customers!
At Miastone & Associates LLC.

Reasons We Are Confident About Our Services And Products:


We take the time to listen to our customer’s wants and needs. We take our FREE consultations very seriously on our home remodeling projects, meaning we don’t rush through so we can get to our next project. This important step allows us to gain FULL understanding of your project’s requirements and this allows us to work as a partner WITH you.


Unless you would like to add or change the original design plan or if there is an unforeseen situation that we must address to move forward, the budgets ARE FIXED!


We always provide a pre-walk through before final payment is due to ensure absolute satisfaction to our customers.


Every project will be completed on time, every time, guaranteed. Included with a 1 year written warranty.

Why Trust The Content Of This Site And Miastone & Associates LLC?

We can and will provide references from past clients. We also have a project Photo Gallery in place on this site so you can actually SEE our results. We take a different approach when entering a home during our FREE consultation. When we enter the home, we will take a look at the current structure and offer our experienced ideas and LISTEN to your vision. Whether you want advice on the best kitchen designs, expand a bathroom, or what the best paint color will be for any room, we help make your dream renovations a reality.

Let’s design

Is to be a Leader in the Miami Dade Renovation Market With the growth in the Miami Dade renovation market at an all-time high, Miastone & Associates is more than keeping pace.It’s been said that a solid reputation is any company’s best asset. Well, Miastone & Associates’ reputation for quality workmanship and client satisfaction is unequaled, so much so that every client in the company’s history is available as a reference. Every one!